Affordable windscreen repairs & replacements in Taree


Suffered a windscreen crack during your daily travels? Then bring it down to Autobarn Taree. Mid North Coast Windscreens operates from our Victoria Street workshop and is able to provide cost-effective repairs or replacements of almost any windscreen.

Qualified glaziers will assess the damage to your glass and offer the best solution. Chips smaller than a dollar coin can generally be simply filled in, saving you plenty of money.

However, if the chip is large, or in a dangerous spot, we recommend getting it replaced ASAP.

A chipped or cracked windscreen does not have the structural integrity that is required for everyday driving, and simply going over a speedbump to fast can cause further damage or shatter the glass entirely.
Windscreen - Windscreen replacement in Taree NSW, Australia
Don't wait for that chip to crack your windscreen. Contact Autobarn Taree today to discuss our affordable windscreen repairs and replacement services.